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Best 5 ways to create SEO backlinks.

Best 5 ways to create SEO backlinks.

Are you start to create a new website and want that see it in the google search. No want only to pay for Google ads but get organic traffic.This all right. However, how you can do this if your website one from millions another? What can you do for your project?

We have help for this situation - backlinks from another High-rank website. How get backlinks? Today we see five best tools for me :) create backlinks. Let's see which tools will help us.

1. Fivver

Fivver Decorhomium

Fiverr is the one from world's largest freelance services marketplace. There you can find backlinks sellers who can create backlinks for you for $5 only and can pay more and get better services and receive good backlinks from your website.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Decorhomium

You can search backlinks with this online service. Search your competitor's backlinks and see which one from these you can create yourself free or pay for someone.

3. Social Media

Facebook Decorhomium

Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, such as. Create your brand accounts in social media and add your URL in profile.

4. Blog

Wordpress Decorhomium

Wordpress, Blogger, such as. Create pages and press useful articles. Your URL in profile and can add your backlinks.

5. Youtube, Vimeo

Youtube Decorhomium

Have a Youtube channel with good videos? Add in video description your URL. Not have? Make good videos and add URL or say your friends who have good video traffic.

We saw only five-way, but you could see that, and it is also not so easy to do, you also must know how to do it all right. In the next articles, I will give you some how better do this. Try, and you will see best results.

  • Alex McArthur
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