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How to create an online store?

How to create an online store? 0

Probably you are going to create an online store and start your online business, but you do not know where to start. It is possible that you regularly use the Internet, but the creation of an Internet company scares you. Alternatively, maybe you are not scared of anything. You are just busy with your primary job and not have time to start your own business. If you belong to such people, then maybe you will appreciate the help in creating an online store.

Where to begin?

From the very beginning, it is better to choose the platform from which you will work. Today, many services help to create a store on its platform. It is very convenient because many issues have already solved and you will just need to focus on the important. For example, some services provide excellent support, took care of payment gateways and their security. Although many of them mean a monthly payment, it is very convenient regardless, and if everything goes well, it will quickly pay off in full.

When I started my Internet business, then in front of me, too, there were questions from which platform to start. After reading many reviews, I came to the conclusion that it would be best for me to start with Shopify. The initial monthly fee is low, about $30 per month, chat support, many applications in the App Store. Since I started with him, therefore, further discussion will concern this platform.


At the beginning of the Shopify registration, which was not complicated enough, you just need an email address; you did not even need a credit card. In the beginning, you receive 14 days of free use ( click here and register), and after if you like, add payment information, choose a plan (usually a beginner is sufficient Basic).

You set up a payment gateway, for example, PayPal. You pick a theme from Theme Store and start to customize to your will.

By the way, for starters, you do not even need your domain, Shopify gives you a subdomain, and at any time you can set up your store on your domain.

In principle, you started your business. Then you will get acquainted with some nuances and will reread much information on how to set up everything, create collections, add products, connect sales channels and much more.

All of these you can do on your own ( can click here and register), but if you want to do it faster and do not suffer from all this, then we offer you help in creating and setting up a new online store.

We offer three packages starting with the creation of a working ready shop and ending with a package with SEO optimization and with applications for the Android and IOS.
Here are all three packs and click on which you can learn more about what you will receive by ordering them:

1. Full Store

2. Business

3. Premium

These packages also represented as Fiverr Gig.

Register the store yourself by this link and receive a 10% discount on any of our packages
(You can tell us before you buy so we can track your purchase)

Moreover, if you have any questions or ideas, you can send to contact@decorhomium.com

Successful business to you and I will be happy to help you in it.

  • Aleksandr Krutov