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Quiz: What Do You Know About Sex and Dating Around the Globe? 0

Dating websites span the globe, and with each country brings an entirely new set of experiences and rules. The question we have before us today, is how much different would it be dating in China, South Africa, Malaysia, Japan, or even Russia, as compared to our own stomping grounds? Could it be that much different? Using various surveys, studies, and reports from various popular websites, I’ve constructed a fun quiz to help introduce you to the (sometimes crazy) world of dating outside our own. Let’s see how the U.S. stacks up against the rest of the globe.



1. What percentage of men and women across the globe think about somebody else while getting it on with their current partner?

a)      50 percent

b)      75 percent

c)      90 percent

d)     97 percent

2. In which country did breast enlargement surgeries become popular in order to attract more men?

  1. America
  2. Japan
  3. Spain
  4. Norway

3. How does an American male stack up to the Chinese male as far as the number of sexual partners he will have throughout his bachelorhood?


a)      American male 23, Chinese male 17

b)      American male 4, Chinese male 7

c)      American male 13, Chinese male 4

d)     American male 4, Chinese male 13

4. Where do 40 percent of Malaysian men prefer to meet a date for some planned nooky?

a)      In a park

b)      In a rice field

c)      In a vehicle

d)     In a bathroom stall

5. What is considered to be one of the kinkiest countries in the world?

a)      Spain

b)      Greece

c)      Hong Kong

d)     Switzerland

6. In which country would you find the least expensive dating escort services?


a)      Bangladesh

b)      Taiwan

c)      Monaco

d)     Granada

7. Which country holds the title of discovering the worlds oldest phallic love toy?

a)      Egypt

b)      Jerusalem

c)      Pakistan

d)     Germany

8. In what country do most men prefer to have their conquests during working hours in the office?

a)      Canada

b)      America

c)      Sweden

d)     Germany

9. In which country can the most relationship cheaters be found?

a)      South Africa

b)      Spain

c)      France

d)     Italy

10. It is estimated the number of men in the world wielding 11-inch (or over) “private parts” is…

a)      6 percent

b)      3 percent

c)      5,000 total

d)     less than 500


  1. c- According to a Durex Global Sex Survey, 90 percent of all sexually active people fantasize about others while with their current partner. While most British and Americans think about friends and co-workers, a surprising number of Canadian men (approximately 25 percent) think about imaginary cartoon characters.
  2. b- While many would say breast enlargement originated in Hollywood sometime in the late 50′s, in fact, it first came to fruition in Japan in the 1940′s during the World War II. The sole purpose of these liquid silicone injections was to aid escorts into luring more GI’s into being “loved a long time”.
  3. c- The average American male will have 13 partners over his lifetime, while a Chinese male will only expect 4 different lovers. Both of them fail in comparison to the Canadian male who reportedly gets it on with an average of 23 different women.
  4. d- Believe it or not, 40 percent of Malaysian men report their favorite place for nooky is a bathroom stall. Something tells me that this is more about not having many other options, as opposed to where they’d really like to be.
  5. b- Greece is by far one of the kinkiest countries in the world, practically anything goes there. When in Rome, you should do as the Romans do, however, when in Greece, I guess you do whatever you want!
  6. a- In Hollywood and New York, a high-class dating websites escort service could cost upwards of several thousand dollars. In Bangladesh, it will cost you no more than about 10 rupees. That is somewhere in the region of $0.28 American dollars. Just $0.03 more than a stale gum ball.
  7. d- The world’s oldest phallic love toy was originally uncovered in Pakistan, dating back to 4000 BC. Since then, a much older make and model has been found in a cave in Germany, dating back 28,000 years. It is made of highly polished siltstone, includes a handle for easy maneuvering, and features some rather uncanny, life-sized detail and dimension.
  8. a- While Americans enjoy their frolics in the office, according to surveys, 36 percent of all Canadian men actually prefer intimacy at their work place. Considering most men will end up spending a quarter of their lives here, this may very well be one of the best ways to make use of this time!
  9. a- You may have thought it was the French, but over 35 percent of all couples in South Africa admit to infidelity. While most people think wealthier countries/couples take part in extramarital affairs, in truth, it is the poorer. Reason being, those in the wealthiest countries receive the harshest punishments (ex. Loss of assets, status, friends, self-respect). Cheating is most popular with those who have less to lose and only more conquests to gain.

10.  c- Reports indicate there is somewhere around 5,000 men in the world with 11-inch privates. These are actual reports mind you. If you asked men individually, you would probably come up with something more like 98 percent. If you asked each woman individually, you would only receive a chuckle and a couple of snorts!


Thanks for our friends from Loveawake.com dating site for this quiz.

  • Aleksandr Krutov

Tips For Purchasing A Home With Someone Else 0


Want to buy a home and get on the property ladder, then purchasing with someone else could be the way forward. Here is how to do it. 


Prior To Submitting Your Mortgage Application


It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a home, focusing on what your new life will be like.  When you take out a mortgage, however, you are making a major financial commitment. It is extremely important to think about the overall impact of the loan - both on your life and on the life of anyone else who is buying the home with you.


Although most lenders have their own policies for dealing with mortgages that have more than one borrower, there are a few things that they usually have in common. In most cases, everyone whose name appears on the mortgage will need to meet the lending standards of the bank. If more than two people are applying for the loan, however, the bank will usually only consider the income of two of the applicants. That means that the bank will not only look at the credit score of each applicant but also their spending habits and outstanding debt. According to Guarantor.co.uk, if any single borrower defaults on the loan, the other borrowers will be responsible for paying it back.


How The Property Will Be Owned


When purchasing a property with someone else, a decision needs to be made in terms of how the property will be owned. The two most common options are to become joint tenants or to set it up as tenants in common. If you are a young person buying your first home, you may also be able to set your mortgage of as a joint mortgage, having your parents act as guarantors on the loan.


Owning The Property As Joint Tenants


Typically, this option is used by couples who are in a relationship or who are married. Both parties:


* Have the same property rights

* Have equal equity in the property

*Are granted full ownership of the property by default if the other owner dies


Owning The Property As Tenants In Common


This purchasing option is usually used by people who are buying a property with other family members or with their friends. Each party:


* Has the opportunity to own a different portion of the property

* Does not automatically assume ownership if any of the other tenants die

* Has the opportunity to designate who will receive their share of the property after their death through their will


When entering into a purchase agreement as tenants in common, a deed of trust will need to be set up by your lawyer.


Having A Family Member Act As A Guarantor


Another option for purchasing a property with someone else is to have a parent or a close member of your family act as a guarantor on the loan. By doing so, you could qualify for a bigger mortgage. You also may be able to get a better interest rate on your loan.


In essence, when someone signs on as a guarantor, they agree to pay back the mortgage if you fail to meet your monthly payment obligations. Not only do you need to be able to repay the loan on your own but the guarantor will also need to be able to show that they can take over the payments. They also need to prove that they understand the legal risks and ramifications of becoming a guarantor by showing that they have sought out legal advice.


Further down the road, if you find yourself in a better financial situation, you can always refinance your mortgage,  freeing your parent or family member from their duties as guarantor.


Getting Started


Once you fully understand the responsibilities that come along with taking out a mortgage, you can begin the process of applying for a loan. Try using our free calculators to determine how much you will have to pay each month. Once you decide how much you want to borrow, you can then submit an Agreement in Principle (AiP) to discover whether or not you qualify for the loan that you need. At that point, if everything looks good, we can provide you with a dedicated advisor who will walk you through the process of applying for a mortgage.

  • Aleksandr Krutov

Ubevidst skade på partneren 0

(Article in Danish.) For translation, use the Google translator.

Mange af de ubevidste ting, vi gør i parforholdet, sårer partneren. Grunden kan være, at det i første omgang ligger under bagatelgrænsen, men pludselig koger det voldsomt over. En vis procentdel af vores uhensigtsmæssige vaner og adfærd er vi bevidste om, men det er kun omkring en tiendedel af alt, hvad vi gør. Derfor kan konflikter eskalere, eller man står helt uforstående over for partnerens voldsomme reaktioner.

Jeg var eksempelvis til en fodboldkamp med min 14-årige bonussøn. Nogle af forældrene grinede og hujede. Men der var også nogle, der råbte: ”Løb fremad”, ”Tag bolden”, ”Det skal du bare ikke finde dig i”. På et tidspunkt gik jeg hen til en af værste, og sagde til ham: ”Hold op med at råbe på den måde.” Men han skældte mig ud, og blev ved med at råbe til sin søn. Han mente, at han på den måde ”vejledte” drengen. 

Da kampen var forbi, spurgte jeg min bonussøn, om hvad han syntes om, at folk stod og råbte. Han svarede: ”Jeg lukker af” 
Til træning er der ikke noget i vejen for, at fodbold-træneren råber og forklarer og giver gode råd. Men når der er fodboldkamp, skal man dér selv skal finde ud af det, og drage sine egne erfaringer. Det er vigtigt, at der er masser af plads til at dumme sig. Men for nogle mennesker er ”kampen” vigtigere end ”turneringen”.

I parforholdet bør ”turneringen”, altså livet, også være vigtigere end ”kampen”. Hvor vigtigt er det at få ret lige nu, hvis det på sigt skader parforholdet alvorligt? Nogle mennesker sætter hele deres liv over styr, fordi de er i deres følelsers vold. Det kan koste både helbred, parforhold, økonomi, børn osv. Hvis man vil sige min mening og gøre, hvad det passer en, kan det have store konsekvenser.

Så en uhensigtsmæssig adfærd behøver ikke betyde, at man forlader hinanden og slutter parforholdet. Ofte er det et spørgsmål om at lære de fælles ”færdselsregler” og følge dem, for at man kan få det til at fungere.

Vi kan uforvarende komme til at ignorere, såre eller krænke vores partner – uden at ville eller vide det. Kommunikationen mellem mennesker er yderst vigtig. Den skal være tydelig og det skal give mening. 

Det er først, hvis der kun er foragt mellem parterne, fra begge sider, at I alvorligt bør overveje at lade jer skille – ikke mindst for børnenes skyld.
Heldigvis kan færdighederne i langt de fleste tilfælde læres, så man kan få et godt parforhold og familieliv.

  • Aleksandr Krutov