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5 Signs That Indicate That You Need To Replace Or Repair Your Roof 0


Many people rarely give the proper care to their home’s roof as much as they care for the rooms and the surrounding landscape. As a result, your roof may need repairs or may even need a full replacement. Below, we look at five signs that can warn you as to whether it is time to replace or repair the roof of your house.




Check the age of your roof. How long has it been since you installed it? If it has been around 20 years or so, then it might be time to replace it with a new roof since that pretty much the average age of a roof. If you don’t know the age, consult a professional roofing service like Happy Roof, and they will easily be able to help you find an approximate age of the roof.


Water Leaks


If the roof holds water for long periods of time, then there is a chance that it can sag. The excess moisture on the surface of the roof can also make it weak. The moisture can grow quickly and affect a large area of the roof. Get it repaired immediately once you see it. More importantly, check for the reason as to why moisture is affecting the roof. For example, if it is a broken pipe, then repairing it should avoid any further moisture problems.


Light Streak


If you see light streaks passing through the roof, then it clearly is an indication that you need to inspect it immediately. Find the damaged areas and get it repaired soon. If you leave it as it is, then you may well be facing water issues in the future.


Shingle Issues


Look at the shingles of your roof, especially the slopes which receive direct sunlight. If they are buckling or curled, then it is an indication that the shingles might be at the end of their expected life. If the shingles are losing granules, that too is a problem which needs to be addressed. You can check the gutters to see if they have a large number of shingle granules in them or not. If so, then it can be a signal that your roof needs to be replaced since roofs are known to lose granules during the last legs of their life expectancy. Plus, also ensure that all the shingle ‘tabs’ are in their correct position and have not been altered.


Chimney Flashing


You should check the chimney for any signs of wear and tear. If the flashing was made from tar or cement, then there is a chance that it might have started breaking down due to its long existence. As such, you will need to install a metal flashing.  

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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home For The First Time 0


First time home buyers have to be pretty careful when looking for a home to invest in Lake Keowee. Without gaining sufficient knowledge about the property, you might end up with money tied up in a sinking investment. To help you avoid such a possibility, we look at the four things everyone who buys their first home should know about.


Be Clear On What You Can Afford


You must have a clear understanding of what properties you can afford in the Lake Keowee real estate market. Check your finances and estimate how much money you can spend each month on mortgage payments. For example, if you make $2000 per month, and you have expenses amounting to $1500, then $500 is the maximum amount you can spend for the mortgage every month. As such, you can now easily avoid any property which may require you to pay above $500 in monthly mortgage payments.


Extra Expenses


Make sure that you are taking the final cost of acquisition in consideration instead of the property price alone when checking the finances. The final acquisition cost will include expenses like insurance, property taxes and so on. Some first time buyers only plan their finances depending on the price of a property. And later on, when these additional expenses pop up, they find it difficult to arrange the money required to pay them. So, don’t make that mistake. Save yourself from unnecessary stress by looking into all expenses associated with a home purchase.


Upcoming Changes


Make sure that you research into the upcoming changes in the locality and how it will affect the price of the property in the future. This will tell you whether the property you are buying will be a good investment or not. For example, if you foresee a huge shopping mall coming close to the home you are interested in, you might project that the property’s price might increase by about 50%. As such, you will have a better understanding of whether a property is worth investing your money or not.  


Don’t Be Too Picky


You may have an idea of the type of home you wish to purchase, like its size, location, price etc. But don’t get too attached to them that you remain inflexible to your demands. Remember that in life, there are some things you can’t get. This is also true in the case of real estate. Don’t be an absolutist and reject every single property just because they don’t meet all your criteria. Try to adjust and accept properties which may not have one or two of your preferred features.  If you get too picky, you might lose out on acquiring excellent properties.


So, keep the above points in mind when looking to buy your first home, and you will surely avoid a lot of mistakes which newbies usually make in their first property investment. 

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5 Ways To Save Money When Buying Office Furniture 0


When purchasing furniture for an office, the budget is often a primary concern for many business owners. You will want to get the best furniture for your office, but at the same time ensure that you don’t splurge too much. To help you save money on your furniture purchase, the below tips will surely come in handy.


Know What You Want


Have a clear idea of what type of office furniture you want to purchase for your office.  Look at the space in your office and identify what type of furniture will be ideal for it.  And then make a list of preferred furniture. Now, you only have to shop for the items on the list. If you go out to purchase without understanding what you need, you are likely to be fascinated by a few furniture and may decide to buy it even though there is no use of that furniture in your office.


Buy Together


When you prepare a list, you will have the full list of furniture to purchase. So, try to get all of them from one specific dealer. If you buy each piece of furniture from different dealers, you will have to spend the maximum price of them. In contrast, if you buy all the furniture at once from a single dealer, then you are more likely to get a discount. And make sure that you do ask for a discount. After all, you will only get the discount if you bargain for it.


Refurbished Furniture


A very good way to save a lot of money while buying furniture is to choose refurbished ones. You don’t have to make every single furniture refurbished. Instead, identify the furniture that you are okay with being refurbished, and only buy those used items. For example, you can choose the office kitchen table to be a refurbished one. After all, why waste money buying a new one? In, contrast, for your client room, you may opt for a new one since you will be discussing with your clients in the room, and may need the desk to look shiny and polished. However, if you do find a good refurbished furniture for your client room too, we suggest that you go for it. And if you don’t know any trusted dealers in refurbished furniture, just visit the site at fsgofficefurniture.com.  


Factor Shipping Cost


If you are buying furniture online, then you should remember to factor in the shipping costs also. Only this can give you a true picture of what the final acquisition cost of furniture would be from each dealer. Sometimes, the cost of furniture including shipping can be significantly higher when compared to buying it directly from a local showroom. As such, if you neglect the shipping costs and buy online, you will end up purchasing furniture that you could easily have gotten at a cheaper rate.

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How Durable is Laminate Flooring? 0



Whether you live in a ranch-style house or a colonial apartment complex, the age-old debate of what flooring option would best complement your style typically comes down to carpet versus hardwood. Because you’ll most likely reside in your home for a number of years, it’s important to select a flooring material that is known for its longevity and durability. There are a myriad of advantages that come along with opting to not install wall-to-wall carpeting. Correspondingly, hardwood floorings, while aesthetically appealing, also carry several disadvantages. As a popular alternative, many homeowners are electing to install laminate flooring.


Unlike older homes that already entertain authentic hardwood floors, many individuals who purchased newly constructed homes opt for laminate flooring purely from a cost-effective standpoint. For those who aren’t well versed in the language of flooring, they may not recognize the plethora of advantages that coincide with this choice. On top of being cheaper than hardwood floors, laminate flooring is a more durable choice. Longevity is important and you don’t have to go with the more expensive option to have your home look nicer.


Hardwood flooring typically faces adversity when it comes to its easy-to-scratch surface. As with the shrubbery in your yard and the living space where you entertain guests, you want your floor to be visually attractive. It’s hard to sustain that “new house feel” if your floors are sporting a myriad of scratches and gouges - some of which may come with a steep price tag to amend. That’s why laminate flooring is a great option, as it’s resistant to scratches because its genetic makeup is comprised of pressed wood. When you take into consideration the constant shuffling of children and scraping of chairs and other furniture, hardwood floors would not be able to withstand the constant exposure to rough contact.


A beautiful sunlit run is a homeowners dream, but many fail to consider the repercussions of UV exposure on wood flooring. With hardwood flooring, color fading is possible. On the contrary, laminate floors have UV-resistant properties integrated into its surface, eliminating the concern over sun-worn floors. At first, it may not seem to be much of a problem, but over time your beautiful floors will look worn and faded. Laminate flooring will prevent unsightly damages, so there’s no need to worry every time you decide to open your curtains.


Of course, with anything product, there are cons. One of the main disadvantages of laminate flooring is its ten-year shelf life (and that’s at a maximum). Hardwood floors will last a lifetime, despite all the abuse you put it through. However, you will have to repair the damages and factor in the expense of covering restoration fees over time. For the time you have laminate flooring, you won’t have to worry about scratching the finish every time you move your chair or exposing it to too much sun whenever it’s a nice summer day.


Laminate flooring is a durable option to consider along with all the other things that go along with home shopping. Whether you decorate the house in a design aesthetic that is bohemian

chic, industrial, or contemporary, laminate flooring will easily complement the style of your space. And with the money you would save on this option, you’ll have more money for that nice, big flat-screen TV you’ve been eyeing.




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How to Find the Best Hardwood Flooring Contractors 0




So, you’ve found the perfect hardwood flooring for your home. Once you’ve got your budget in mind, it’s time to start hunting for the workers who will turn your ideas into reality.

But, like with anything, flooring contractors come in categories; mostly Good or Bad. Bad contractors will lure you win with cheap prices and promises of experience but could leave you with a treasure trove of other expensive problems.

For that reason, it’s important to make sure you have the right company for the job. Here are 4 things you should look for in your next flooring contractor.

Their quote is detailed and put in writing

You never want to miss a spot, especially with pricing. Good contractors will always make sure you’re aware of what they’ll be doing and how much it’s going to cost you. Keeping things kosher is a great sign for any contractor, especially ones who will be working on your house. Unexpected problems can always arise in construction, so a good contractor will also walk you through any and all externalities.

Details you should ask for include:

  • The cost of preparation;
  • Information about the flooring;
  • Overall impact on your home;
  • Each step in the installation process;
  • A legally-binding contract.


They take the time to prepare your hardwood

Hardwood can have a few things to watch out for if you’re not careful, especially swelling and moisture. Good contractors will always gauge your flooring to make sure it isn’t swollen or brittle prior to installation. In addition, they’ll make sure the wood has acclimated to your home before the first plank hits the ground.

Wood that isn’t acclimated to your home before it’s installed could create huge problems later down the road, such as loose planks or cracking. Doing this right usually requires keeping the wood in your home for a good amount of time, or keeping it in a warehouse with identical conditions. For this reason, it’s better to begin your flooring after the rest of the home is mostly built and all the doors and windows are installed.


They make sure the subfloor is intact

Your sub-floor can be just as important as what goes over it. Before even the first plank is nailed down, the surface beneath it must be perfectly clean and dry. Your contractor should also make sure it’s even and content with the smooth and sturdiness of it.

If the sub-floor isn’t professionally cleaned and prepared, unexpected moisture or debris could hinder installation. In fact, excess moisture will become trapped between your floor and the sub-floor, creating ideal environments for moss or fungus. This is something to look out for, especially in areas with high humidity.


They lay everything out first

Not just the planning, but also the physical wood planks. Your contractor should place all the planks in place before a single nail goes into your home. If they arrive on the day of installation and simply start nailing things in within the first five minutes, that’s a problem.

Good installers are prepared, meaning they lay out the whole floor to make sure that everything will fit as intended. The fact is that not every room in every house is perfect in its dimensions, and not every wood plank is identical. That doesn’t even account for all the not-square areas in your home.

A good contractor will take their time making sure all the dimensions are correct and scrutinize over the most minute details. Anything less could result in half the floor getting installed before realizing that the other half won’t fit right.


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5 Reasons To Clean Your Gutters 0


Leaves, Twigs, and Other Debris Build Up Over Time


Recommended that you clean your gutters at least twice a year to get rid of the dirt, twigs, and other debris that can clog them. Unchecked, gutters become harder to clean, as leaves, twigs, and dirt become dense over time.


You'll ultimately want to drive water away from your home to create water and moisture related damage to your home's exterior. The more you wait, the harder your gutters will be to clean. If you decide to enlist professionals to clean your gutters, it'll be a more expensive job if you wait until debris builds up. Moreover, heavy build-up can damage and break your gutters. Broken, dirty gutters are also unsightly, and can decrease the value your home.




Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for vermin like mosquitos. As gutters begin to clog, standing water rises to the top, and wooden foundations touched with water become moist. Moisture that reaches the foundation of the house softens wood around the home, which makes it easier for termites to eat through. If termites are allowed to eat through the wood in this way, the damages are expensive and irreversible. Gutters should check for other insects such as ants, wasps, or bees nesting in them. Call an exterminator if you see this in or around your home.


Gutters Can Break If They Are Full


If leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris will collect inside your gutters and become too heavy for your gutters to hold. This can result in your gutters breaking or cracking. If your gutters are broken, they will not be able to work effectively which can cause water damage to your home. Also, hanging gutters are a safety hazard to pets or people walking below.


Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Home Interior


Because gutter leads water away from home, full gutters can keep the water close to the home, and also the extra water can come through the home, causing leaking ceilings, which can lead to damaged floors. If water continues to come from the ceiling, mold and watermarks may occur. Spreading mold leads to allergies and sickness. Also, the decaying interior can be a hard fix- if left unchecked can lead to wall replacements or ceiling replacements, which are costly.


Taking the time to unclog your gutters can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages. You can collect the debris on your own with a ladder, gloves and a trash bag. If you don't feel comfortable cleaning your gutters, or if

You are not physically able to, call a professional. If you're not sure if you need to replace your gutters, ask a professional opinion if they are too dirty or too damaged to be cleaned.


Invest in your gutters. Doing so protects the overall health of your home.

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