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Modern Home Office Designs - Everything You Should Know 0

We live in a century where technology gives people the freedom to work from home. Compared to working in an office, working from home gives you more comfort and flexibility. Building an office space or office unit in your home is now becoming a necessity considering how convenient it is to work from home. Setting up a home office also makes sense when you are in the habit of taking home a certain amount of work or if you prefer to work during the weekends. While some of the house owners prefer to turn the available space or an extra room into an office area most of the new house owners include a separate home office room in their home plans. Most of them are looking for a home office design that’s inspiring, creative with a bit of personal touch. It would always be best to consider a few things before setting up your home office.

Planning your home office

What do you have in mind when you are planning a home office? The way you set up your home office can vary depending on your profession like for example a graphic designer, an architect, a writer or an editor. Another factor to be considered is the space available. You might have to add in extra furniture if you are planning to host clients or you have co-workers.

Home Offices can be classified into:

The nook

It’s your own personalised corner that’s ideal in form and function. Since it’s a confined space it’s not suitable if you are planning to have co-workers or host clients.

The shared space

This is the most common way of creating an office space by changing a part of your home. It could be a library, a guest bed room or a garage.

The proper home office

An entire room in your home that’s aptly furnished to be used as an office space is a proper home office. This space allows you to have co-workers and host clients if necessary.  You can also work peacefully.

Things to be considered while setting up a home office

While setting up your home office you need think of the required furniture, apt colours, good lighting and electronic gadgets that are necessary. 


Take time to select the most suitable chair for you because that’s going to have an impact on your posture and decide on how comfortable you are while working.  Select additional chairs if you have co-workers and guest chairs in case you are planning to host clients. You can decide on a desk depending on how you plan to use it and the available space.


Lighting and colours

A well-lighted office space helps reduce stress, maintain a cheerful atmosphere and keeps all things in sight. Colours have a way of affecting your productivity. Make sure you choose the apt colours for your office space.  Planning to set up a modern home office? You can click here for ideas on a modern home office. 


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Easy and inexpensive bedroom makeover ideas 0

Your bedroom will always be the most special part of your home. The design and interiors of your bedroom plays a great role in defining your mood and ambience. No matter how much you try sometimes your bedrooms might still look messed up after a while. Rearranging your bedroom can give you a fresh energy and bring tons of positive energy into your home. Besides it can give you good sleep and peace. Today we are going to share with you some of the easiest and inexpensive makeover ideas for your very special room. Here we go.

  1. Go for a new bedding


The first thing everyone notices when they enter your bedroom will be your bedding. We would recommend you to buy a duvet or comforter for better looks as well as comfort. This can transform your bedroom into a completely different look and gives you a comfy view. The color and pattern of the bedding can be chosen depending upon your personal tastes. You can go for pastel colors to get a peaceful ambience, girly patterns for a cute and bright ambience, graphic patterns to infuse style and art. You can get a  great range of fabrics from online stores.


2) Pick up a new rug


A new rug can alter the overall design and look of the bedroom. Laying down a properly sized area rug will make your room look bigger. Choosing a rug that matches the color and style of your room will make things better.  Also make sure that the rug is large enough to tuck under the bed and at least one other piece of furniture. 


3) Dress your windows


Windows are obviously the heart to your bedroom. Brightening up your windows would give your bedroom a new look. You can do this by painting the windows white and adding new curtains to them. White gives a serene look while hanging curtains of your taste will gives intense positive energy. Go for bright colored curtains if you need to light up the room and pastel color curtains if you need to get a relaxed look.


4) Incorporate green 


Houseplants are one of the best ways to makeover your room. They generate oxygen and removes toxins from your room. Also the presence of green in your bedroom will give you a very positive and fresh energy. Go for plants that are easy to maintain. You can ask for necessary tips from neighboring nurseries. 


5) Paint your walls


The color of your bedroom determines its style and look. Changing the color of the walls will give a new vibe every time you do it. Different people have different views on their bedrooms. Depending upon that you can choose the color. If your bedroom is the best place for you to sleep go for light colors that give a relaxed ambience. But if you use it for doing your studies and other works as well then perhaps bright colors will do. It’s better to avoid dark colors as they give a congested look to your room. 

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Make your home visually appealing with a range of stunning curtains from Clarke and Clarke curtains 0

Curtains are one of the most important aspects of a home’s interior décor. They not only enhance your property’s aesthetics, but can also improve the warmth and ambiance of your home. Liven up your home’s interior with our stunning collection of curtains. 


If you are looking for curtains that accentuate spaces, read on. In this article we are discussing about Clarke and Clarke curtains and fabric that are made from the finest materials, and are available in a range of colors, patterns and styles. 


A wide variety of fashionable options

Some of the fabrics we use are luxurious silks, soft cottons, romantic laces and elegant cheniles. Whether you have a traditional or a modern style home, you can pick a range of curtains that will complement your home perfectly. Some of our patterns are plaids, checks, florals, stripes, animal prints, and we even have exclusive designs. Our plain curtains are also great to make a huge difference to the mood of your home. You can even mix and match drapes from our collections to create a magnificent vision.


Fabrics for all types of curtain styles

Are you looking for gorgeous eyelets? How about drapes with swags and tails? No matter what type of design you’re looking for, you can create them from our exquisite range of fabrics. We have curated our designs, keeping the latest trends in mind, and the requirements of our customers. Whether you want dark curtains for blocking the sunlight and for enhanced privacy or sheer curtains to add warmth and beauty to your home, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with us.


Make your office out of the ordinary with our splendid styles

Who said curtains are only for homes? You could even have curtains for your office or for your retail unit. Choosing the right style of curtain for your commercial premises is important, as it not only makes your space look more professional and interesting, but can also leave a good impression on your employees, visitors and even potential customers! Find a style that suits your taste with Clarke and Clarke curtains. From formal plaids to sophisticated floral prints, we have it all.


Attractive curtains for every budget

Whatever your budget, you will find a collection of beautiful designs at every rate. Browse through our categories, and select the ideal set for your home. You can be assured that all our products are checked for quality, so even the simplest and the most affordable curtains will last for many years to come. We also have high-end velvets and fabrics to give a royal feel to your home.


Buy our fabric samples to find the most ideal curtain for your space

If you’re interested to purchase drapes from us, speak to a member of our team. Browse through our vast collection and select your preferred style and fabric material. You can buy our fabric samples at an affordable price, and find the most suitable product, as per your requirements and budget. Call us for more details.




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Things to consider before choosing a rug for your home 0

A rug is something that adds statement to your room. Be it handmade, wool or silk, they require significant investment and hence you should consider a lot of factors before buying a rug that fits into your requirements. Today we are going to share a couple of those factors. Here we go.



Rugs are made out of different types of fibres and each one is different in its own way. Silk is considered to be the most expensive of it all. It can also be spun very finely and is fire resistant too. If you have a big budget then a silk rug would be the best choice. But in case your budget is not that big then you can go for viscose rug. It offers almost the same smoothness of that of silk. But one drawback is that it cannot resists stains easily. If stain resistance is something that you are looking for as a dominant parameter while buying a rug, wool is the best choice. It is also a good insulator. You can also buy rugs that are a blend of both silk and wool. This will give you smoothness of silk along with stain resistance quality of wool.


The room where you plan to place it

The type and design of the rug you choose must fit into the requirements of the room you want to put it. For example if you are choosing a rug for a family room you might need only a small one that can accommodate your coffee table in that space. But if it’s for a dining room then you might want the table and all chairs on the rug and hence the rug must be bigger. This mean you need to plan where you need to put the rug and then buy it accordingly.


Cleaning and maintenance

A rug requires constant cleaning and maintenance. Though the dust can be removed by gently sweeping the rug, certain stains can’t be removed that easily and effectively. Usually this is done with the help of professional cleaning services. To make things easier always find a good spot to deploy your rug before buying it. Most people would go for spots that are not often walked upon to avoid the rug getting dirty. 



Since every accessory you use in your room determines the mood and ambience of the same, it’s very important to choose a rug with the right color. Make sure the color of the rug and the furniture in your rooms sync with each other. Otherwise it would make your room look odd. 



Well, rugs come in a variety of patterns and you should ensure that the pattern of the rug you choose gets along with your style and personality. This in totality depends upon the design and arrangement of the room as well. So when you go shopping for a rug for a particular room, go for something that compliments the room as well the style of the person who lives in there. You can get to know more about all these by visiting www.samad.com

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A Closer Look at the Utility and Significance of Floor Plans 0

When you create a scaled diagram of a building or room as viewed from above, you get a floor plan in your hand. As per your requirements, you may create floor plans of entire buildings, a floor of any given building, or just a singular room. The plan made by you may include furniture, appliances, measurements, or any other metric that is essential for the purposes of creating your plan. As far as their utility is concerned, well-conceived plans for flooring of commercial or residential spaces are equipped to aid the designing of wiring systems, furniture layout, and more. They serve as invaluable tools for leasing companies and real estate agents as they go about their tasks of selling or renting out space. 

The significance and utility of flooring plan designs

Floor plans are must-haves when architects are designing homes, offices, public spaces or any other type of commercial spaces. In most cases, expert floor designers are hired to create an interesting flow of area, open spaces, etc. between two given parts of a premise. It is a fact that properties with carefully laid out plans for their floors and open areas tend to have better resale values than their counterparts with poorly designed spaces. 

Key characteristics of flooring plans when designing homes

Flexible and versatile: The plan of any flooring space should be such that it can be modified to serve as an ideal plan for other requirements. For instance, a home office should be capable of being transformed into a kid’s bedroom if the necessity arises. This transformation can take place as result of your specific needs or those of a tenant who may occupy your premises in future. 

Ideal room layout: The area allocated for different rooms in your floor plan should be demarcated after putting in some deep thoughts. For example, you cannot have your bedroom close to the living room or the entertainment area at home. Similarly, the bathrooms in your living space should not open into drawing rooms or other common passages to retain their privacy. 

Size matters: Whether you are in the process of designing a hallway or a room, it is appropriate to estimate the number of people who may be occupying it at the same time. Will they have enough free space to communicate with each and move around? Will there be leftover space for keeping furniture pieces for the planned activities? Getting answers to these and other similar questions would help you plan the free and occupied areas to perfection. 

Are you ready to design the space on hand on your own? Or, are you desirous of hiring the expertise of professionally trained floor plan designers? Log into  metropix.com to check out the best award-winning floor plans for your commercial or residential premises. Request training or view video tutorials and help guides to create the perfect flooring designs of your dreams. You will surely be surprised with the outcomes.

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How to Take Good Care of your Wooden Furniture 0

When it comes to taking good care of your wooden furniture, you cannot help but rely on the top recommendations shared by experts in this field. Be it for the wooden furniture in your residential or commercial premises, you need to maintain the same with the right products and processes. Here are some top tips that will go a long way in helping you chalk out a helpful regime for taking good care of the wood in your space.  

  1. A mild dish wash detergent and warm water is enough to cleanse the finish imparted to your wooden furniture. Using water on wood will not hurt your furniture pieces adversely. However, it is essential to refrain from soaking small pieces of wooden furniture to keep irreversible damages at bay. Old toothbrushes can be used for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. It is important to wipe off any settled dust with paper towels or soft cloth before applying any detergent or water. Any residual moisture needs to be wiped off gently for best results. 
  2. Once the wooden furniture has been cleaned well, a high-quality wax paste can be used for locking in its natural shine and luster.  Just apply a very thin coat and go ahead with the waxing process as instructed on the label of the product used by you. You may want to wait for 4-5 minutes before buffing off the surface with a soft cloth or shoe brush. Next, wait for about 30-60 minutes before brushing/ buffing with a little more vigor, once again. The resultant shine will linger on for many months to make your furniture look as good as new. 
  3. It is important to keep wooden furniture away from direct sunlight and other harsh elements of nature. During summers, the temperature of the rays coming through your windows may go up to 140 degrees thereby fading and destroying the wooden finish beyond repair. Direct sunlight can also shrink the wood used for making your furniture, thereby leading to cracks and annoying gaps in the same. 
  4. For similar reasons, it becomes essential to keep wooden furniture pieces away from vents and heating units. The action of dry heat will make the wood shrink and dry; it is therefore well-advised to use humidifiers in the drier months for bringing up the overall moisture levels to 40-45%.
  5. Does your wooden furniture require a quick-fix or an emergency touch up?  It is possible to get rid of chips and scratches by using color shoe polish of the appropriate types; this tip is specifically useful for correcting the stains that make it to the feet of your wooden furniture. Another interesting means of hiding the marks is by using color felt-tip markers of matching colors before reaching out for the shoe polish; the overall result will be more satisfactory.  

Be it for polish wooden hardware or getting the best wooden finish products for taking care of your existing or new furniture; specialty stores like HomeandTimber.com are the place to be in! 



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