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E-commerce, buying and selling online, from groceries to clothing, trade is ever increasing online. If you are a buyer, seller and need to move your goods, there are many ways to do it. If you are buying product and items from China and need to get them delivered to other countries and locations, FBA Freight Forwarder is here to help.


FBA Freight Forwarded was founded by Colin Chan almost ten years ago, who also started Taobaotrends and 1688 for buying goods in China. He has been exporting goods from China for close to 20 years. His vision is to offer goods for low prices, shipped to you or your Amazon warehouse for low fees and do it all quickly and efficiently. 


Goods can be shipped to Canada, USA, the UK, Japan, France, Germany and Australia to any Amazon warehouse. You can contact them for free estimate and goods can be sent by train, ship or Air, including express or freight. Using reliable companies are Fedex, UPS and others you recognize. 


All goods are inspected for damage or other irregularities for no fee and you will be notified right away. All items are inspected before shipping and are carefully packaged and prepared for the most efficient and secure to ensure your goods arrive in the condition you expect. They have a large storage area to keep all your products safe until they are sent on to you. 


By being in congution with 1688 and other sources you can be sure the costs are kept low by buying direct, and avoiding other unnecessary overhead costs. Once the goods have been inspected and carefully packaged, the best, quickest and lowest price of transport is chosen to ship your items.


Buying goods from overseas and in particular, China can be a bit daunting and confusing. But it can also be the best place to buy the goods you need for resale for the best pricing. FBA Freight Forwarder want to help you get the price and get the goods shipped with as little aggravation as possible. Having been in the business and well acquainted with the rules and customs in China, Colin and his company will ease the process and get you what you need without having to worry about the small details. 


They get a discount and pass that saving onto you. Being based in China and centrally located it is the perfect solution for you to buy the goods and product you want at the price that is affordable and let them worry about the details and let you worry about keeping your business alive and growing. Even buying from several different suppliers is not a problem for FBA Freight Forwarder, as they will combine it all to save you time and money. Buy what you need and get it shipped safely and in a timely manner and cut out the worry and the extra costs. If you need a quote, contact us on the our taobao agent or fba forwarder websites.






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