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Review of AirRam Mk2 and Gtech Coupons



I do the vacuum cleaning in the house, and it is admittedly a bit of chore, but not with the AirRam vacuum cleaner. My name is Alex Papaconstantinou, I am the founder of UK coupon site Wikigains.com, and in this article, I’ll describe why this domestic gadget is different from anything else you’ve seen! I’ll talk about the investment needed to acquire one for your household and potential discount coupons for Gtech that will save you money in the process. 

Introducing the Gtech AirRam Mk2

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 is a convenient, lightweight and cordless vacuum cleaner which is a follow up to the original GTech AirRam. It retains the attractive features of its original model while adding some significant upgrades that make it much more useful and more efficient at cleaning your floors; a new smart bin, headlights and a re-engineered suction system.

What makes AirRam so different?

The GTech AirRam Mk2 is a pretty lovely looking product. The design is simple, sleek and modern, with a green and gray color scheme. It has a collapsible aluminum handle, which does not only give a nice contrast of texture but also allows for easy storage.

Powerful and extremely light

At just 3.5Kg Gtech AirRam is the lightest vacuum cleaner with that capacity. This is mainly because the appliance has no cylinder and no power cord.


No cylinder

This vacuum cleaner has no bottle. Everything neatly packed into the base unit, where the motorized brush bar compresses the dirt into capsules before the fan sucks it into the

bin. You can remove the dirt from the base unit without opening it. You just need to hold the base over a tray and then slide the ejector arm to eject the dust in one swift move.




No cord

The AirRam Mk2 has no cord. A new redesigned battery box, with a 22V Lithium ion battery that runs for up to about 40 minutes on a 4-hour charge. Spare batteries are optional at the extra charge. Occasionally, you’ll find Gtech voucher codes online that give you the extra battery for free. Its' base unit features a 4-stage LED display which allows you to monitor the charging process.

No need for changing settings

The Mk2 model also boasts a new patented AirLOC system that's designed to collect large objects. The AirRam Mk2 is designed for any floor cleaning and will cope with tiled floors and carpets equally well. You don't need to change any settings, which means you can quickly switch between cleaning surfaces automatically.

Reclines to any position

Gtech AirRam can recline to an almost horizontal position, allowing you to clean behind lamps, under beds, sofas, and tables.



So how much is it?

The AirRam comes at £199 which is approximately $260. Shipping in the UK is free of charge (using special Gtech voucher code) but there is a small fee for shipping internationally. You can order the AirRam MK2 on Amazon.co.uk or at Gtech.co.uk.

Gtech discount codes

It feels great to buy a good product. It feels even greater to get money off your purchase! To get a discount on your order your best bet is to search the internet for Gtech promo codes. For example, Gtech codes “MK36” and “HD35” save £20 ($26) and coupon “WR10” reduces your cost by 10%. The above coupon codes work only on Gtech site and not on Amazon.


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